Electrical Panel Upgrade & Replacement Services

We offer a full range of electrical panel services for property owners in Charles Town, WV and the Tri-State area. If you need a new or replacement panel or require some repair work, we can help.

Initial Installation

Installing electrical panels is complex work and can be dangerous for anyone who is not highly trained. A licensed electrician should always be relied upon for work of this nature. At Dead Rock Electrical Services, our technicians have years of experience and know the local regulations.

Electrical panels are metal boxes that act as the hub for your home electrical system. You may be familiar with the circuit breakers that live inside. When there is a power surge, they protect your home by tripping.

Our licensed electricians will efficiently and effectively address all your electrical panel needs, from initial installation to repairs or upgrades. Call today!

Repair and Upgrades

How do you know if you need a repair? Most of us are familiar with the circuit breakers tripping on occasion, which is not a concern. But, if you find yourself experiencing this regularly, or the lights in your home are flickering or pulsing, it is time to consult a professional.

Signs of a more immediate problem are the smell of burning or smoke, indications that the wires have been scorched or chewed through.

In older homes, the electrical systems cannot handle the volume of modern demand and can malfunction. We can upgrade your electrical panel to accommodate increasing demand.

Call Dead Rock Electrical Services today! We will work with you to solve all your electrical panel needs in Charles Town and the Tri-State area.