Electrical Wiring

Dead Rock Electrical Services provides electrical wiring installations and repairs for homeowners and businesses in Charles Town, WV and the Tri-State area.

How We Can Help

We all rely upon electrical systems in nearly every aspect of our daily lives. Proper maintenance of these systems is critical. Damaged or improper wiring can cause confusion and frustration and pose a significant safety hazard.

Dead Rock Electrical Services is a full-service, licensed, and insured electrical contractor supporting construction projects and residential and commercial needs in the Charles Town and Tri-State area. All of our work is completed efficiently and in line with local regulations.

With projects involving electrical wiring, you should always hire a licensed professional. Charles Town and Tri State communities can count on Dead Rock Electrical Services to provide a high level of professionalism coupled with an exceptional quality of work. Call us today.

Why Hire a Professional?

Sometimes, existing wiring is damaged or does not function the way it needs to. It is crucial to fix any wiring issues promptly, as this is the heart of your entire electrical system. Our electrical technicians can repair faulty wiring, replace aluminum wiring, repair damaged switches and outlets, and more.

Many older homes have wiring that cannot keep up with increased electrical usage these days. It may mean an upgrade of your existing wiring to increase capacity, either in certain areas or the whole building. We will inspect your property and provide an honest assessment of your needs.

We also can help you achieve your home improvement and design goals, with wiring for both interior and exterior projects.