Electrical Repair Services

At some point, every building will need support for its electrical system. Whether you need home wiring or circuit breaker panel services in Charles Town and the Tri-State area, Dead Rock Electrical Services can help you in your time of need.

Support when you need it most

We use electricity for almost everything these days. Our devices, appliances, lights, and heating and cooling systems all rely on properly functioning electrical components. At some point, every building will need support for its electrical system. That is where we come in.

At Dead Rock Electrical Services, we help with every electrical need in any home or business. Our highly skilled and licensed electricians have extensive experience with residential and commercial electrical repair. We diagnose and fix so you won’t have to worry!


Proper maintenance and prompt repair of your electrical systems are crucial for the overall health of your home or building. It can also help mitigate the risk of electrical fires. Keep your office or home and loved ones safe by getting prompt, professional help for any problem that arises.

As full-service electrical contractors, some of our repair work includes:

Emergency repairs

Lighting repair

Security camera repair

Outlet and switch repair/code compliance

Washer and dryer appliance lines repair

Electrical panel repair

Don’t Wait to Call

Sometimes it is apparent when you need repair work done, such as when you smell smoke or see damaged wires. Other situations may not be as obvious. If you are unsure whether you need some electrical help, call to talk to our team. They will gladly help you determine if you need repair.

If you’re in need of our services, the professionals at Dead Rock Electrical Servicess will conduct an assessment of your electrical needs, provide recommendations and an accurate quote. All repair work adheres to code and is done properly and efficiently.

Call today for a free estimate.